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   Yantai Runyi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in operation room, medical gas supply system, purification system, intercom system, monitoring equipment, water treatment equipment, industrial control software and protective material design, installation and technical services. The main business involves the medical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics and other industries. Air conditioning, close cooperation with Guangzhou Yashi Zibo Yahua electronics, Atlas, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL, ABB, Schneider etc, to ensure the timeliness of stability and after sale service quality. Automatic control system for the majority of users by the trust the integration of domestic and foreign clean operation room temperature and humidity independent research and development of high quality resources. Sales operation bed, multi-function sickbed, infusion hanger, bed curtain, operation room, multi-functional hanging tower, ICU multifunctional medical column, bridge and other products. Standing various equipment accessories, complete, adequate resources, and can carry on the special-shaped pieces of processing according to the requirements of.
   The company has a number of business a long time, business skilled staff. People oriented, to the letter Liye is the purpose of our business. Companies always put the talent team construction as a fundamental construction enterprises. Character to a fine. Run a ready to provide sincere service for you!

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